A New Hybrid Multilevel Converter with DC-Fault Blocking Capability using alternate arm converter

Authors:-Y Suresh, Bhukya Ranga Naik

Abstract:-An Alternate Arm Modular Multilevel Converter (AAMMC) is the recently introduced power electronics converter topology suitable for High Voltage DC Transmission (HVDC) system applications. This paper focuses on the operating principle of an Alternate Arm Modular Multilevel Converter. At the beginning the advantages of multilevel converter, basic schematic of converter topology, and its operation is discussed. For the controlling of the converter the simple sorting technique is employed. The AAMMC is a new converter topology which offers several advantages over existing multilevel converter topologies such as scalable and modular structure, low switching losses, DC fault tolerance property which eliminates the need of AC/DC breakers of large size and ratings, lower number of cells as compared to modular multilevel converter. The performance of the 21 level AAMMC without sorting and with sorting technique is verified with MATLAB Simulation.