A Novel controller for Enhancement of MMC performance

Authors:- T Praveena, K Ashok Kumar

Abstract:- The measured multilevel converter (MMC) is an emerging topology for high-control applications and is considered as the improvement pattern of the high-voltage control converters. In this paper, general usage of the stage moved carrier adjustment with a capacitor voltage adjusting strategy for MMC is initially presented. At that point, the numerical examination of PS modulation for MMC is performed to recognize the PWM harmonic characteristics of the yield voltage and the circling current. Moreover, impact of the transporter relocation edge amongst the upper and lower arms on these music is additionally contemplated. Using this examination, the ideal relocation points are determined for the output voltage harmonics minimization and the coursing current harmonics cancelation, individually. The symphonious elements of the line-to-line voltage and the dc-connect current are likewise investigated. Moreover, an expansion of the PSC adjustment for MMC with full-connect sub-modules is additionally proposed which can increment the equivalent exchanging recurrence of the yield voltage and circulating current by two times contrasted and the regular MMC. Finally, the discoveries are checked tentatively on a model of MC.