Analysis of Fractional Order PID Controller

Authors: Prakash, Narayana T

Abstract:-This paper presents the development of a new tuning method and performance of the fractional order PID controller includes the integer order PID controller parameter. The tuning of the PID controller is mostly done using Zeigler and Nichols tuning method. All the parameters of the controller, namely p K (Proportional gain), i K (integral gain), d K (derivative gain) can be determined by using Zeigler and Nichols method. Fractional order PID (FOPID) is a special kind of PID controller whose derivative and integral order are fractional rather than integer. To design FOPID controller is to determine the two important parameters λ (integrator order) and μ (derivative order).In this paper it is shown that the response and performance of FOPID controller is much better than integer order PID controller for the same system.