Dynamic Performance of Photovoltaic Source Simulator in both Steady and Transient State Conditions

Authors:-T.Mahesh, Shaik Mabhu Jani

Abstract:-Photovoltaic (PV) source simulators serve as a convenient tool for the dynamic evaluation of solar power conditioning systems and maximum power point tracking algorithms. High efficiency and fast transient response time are essential features of any PV source simulator. This paper proposes a new type of PV source simulator that incorporates the advantages of both analog and digital-based simulators. The proposed system includes a three-phase ac–dc dual boost rectifier cascaded with a three phase dc–dc interleaved buck converter. The selected power stage topology is highly reliable and efficient. Moreover, the multiphase converter helps improve system transient response though producing low output ripple which makes it adequate for PV source simulators. The simulator circuitry emulates precisely the static and the dynamic characteristics of actual PV generators under different load and environmental conditions. Additionally, the system allows the creation of the partial shading and bypass diodes effect on PV characteristics. The paper investigates the dynamic performance of a commercial solar power inverter using the proposed PV source simulator in steady-state and transient conditions. Closed-loop output impedance of the proposed PV source simulator has been measured and verified at different operating regions. The impedance profile—magnitude and phase—matches the output impedance of actual PV generators. Mathematical modeling and experimental validation of the proposed system is thoroughly presented based on a 2.0 kW hardware prototype. The proposed simulator efficiency, including the active-front-end rectifier and the converter stages, peaks at 96.7%.